Sticker chart robbery!

On Monday 21st May, we came into school and discovered that there had been a break in. Our classrooms were destroyed and our sticker charts were missing. We spent the morning interviewing witnesses, examining evidence and exploring the crime scene. We are now going to write a newspaper report about our sticker chart robbery.


What does Fairtrade mean?

Today, we learnt about Fairtrade. We learnt how people aren’t always given a fair amount of money for the job that they do, so each group took on a job role relating to banana sales and debated it out! Each group debated well, but in the end we all decided that it wasn’t fair that the banana pickers were given the lowest amount of money.  



World book day

We had a fantastic day for World book day. We had a farm theme and did lots of farm activities in the morning. In the afternoon we read farming stories, acted them out and wrote a book review. It has been a great day!


Mr Egypt visit

Today we had a visit from Mr Egypt. We had a great day! We had an Egyptian breakfast, learnt an Egyptian dance, learnt Egyptian maths and symbols, handled artefacts, learnt how to make a mummy and we learnt about Egyptian pharaohs.